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Here is some details on the various Gunbot versions and which one suits you.

Gunbot ONE has been discontinued as a product, however people with a Gunbot ONE license can upgrade to standard at a very reasonable rate. At the time of writing this ( Nov 2023) it is $179 USD. This could change at any time.

Gunbot Pro and Ultimate are basically the Gunbot Standard version on steroids. The only real difference is the number of exchanges that you can simultaneously trade on, Pro being 3 and Ultimate being unlimited API slots. This is for the serious trader that wants to trade the same pairs in multiple places. As far as product functionality goes there is no difference between the 3 versions with the exception of the Trading View and Back testing add-ons. Gunbot Ultimate also comes with and inbuilt simulator. See the FAQ section for details on API slots.

The other key point is that versions can be upgraded post purchase and the cost to do this is not much different than buying outright. This is a key consideration when contemplating your investment.

Purchase Process

When you purchase a license the process is the same world-wide as is the price! You can pay with either crypto or credit card in $USD. Check the prices as sometimes depending where bitcoin (and Alts) are in the pricing cycle it may be cheaper using one or the other.

Once payment is made and processed I get an email advising me of the sale and you also get several emails with links into the Gunbot School and helpdesk. The school is a great introduction to the product and you can take as little time or as much time as you feel to complete it. Remember you can go back at anytime and do a refresher if needed.

If you require Cloud hosting services (see here) then let me know and I will set up a machine and let you know the details, this is a 10 minute job! As you work through the school I am also 100% on call to help or answer any questions. I am happy to share the strategies i use and also the pairs i trade however this is not financial advice it is just what I am doing!

As the last lesson of school you will activate your license and then you are ready to go. Again at this point I work closely with customers to ensure they are comfortable with what they are doing and understand the process. At no time do my services cost you any money, the exception is if you select cloud services. So I encourage you to use me and the 5 plus years I have in trading to your advantage!

My goal is to have you up and profitably trading as quickly as possible as I have found word of mouth advertising is by far the best.
If you have any questions at all please get in touch. I look forward to welcoming you into the crypto trading world! Contact me here.