Gunbot is software that runs on either a computer at home or in the cloud.

Gunbot connects into an exchange of your choosing (Gunbot works with over 100 exchanges world wide) and via a secure link (API) receives trading information about the coins you have chosen to trade.

The software then makes decisions based on the strategy criteria you have selected to buy or sell. These trades happen automatically using your funds held in your exchange account.

Gunbot is now sold as both a lifetime license and a subscription service.With the lifetime license you pay one cost up front and for that you get the use of the software forever. The licensing is managed by the Gunthy token which are airdropped to you during the license activation process.

For this one time fee you get updates that include new features and general software improvements on a regular basis. You can choose to upgrade or not in all cases. You also get lifetime support via the Gunbot Telegram channels and support desk. There are no charges for this support it is all part of the initial license cost.

This makes Gunbot one of the most cost effective bots on the market.

Gunbot is software that can be either installed on a computer you already have in the house or cloud based. It runs on Windows, mac-OS, Linux and even on a Raspberry Pi. The Gunbot software is not resource intensive so will run happily on any spec machine that is less than 5 years old. If unsure ask me I can give guidance in this area.

One important consideration when choosing to run either in the cloud or locally is the machine needs to be powered on and running 24 hours a day. Gunbot via your internet connection talks to the exchange to determine if buy and sell criteria are met. Some people prefer to place this in the cloud so that this resource usage is not on their Internet or computer. The cloud is a very popular and cost effective solution. Check out all the details on cloud hosting here.

When you purchase a Gunbot license you are automatically enrolled in Gunbot school. This is a self paced computer based training package that gives you enough detail via instructional videos to install, activate and configure your Gunbot. You can at anytime go back and review the material, the school takes as little as 30 minutes to complete (everyone is different) but provides the base core knowledge to get you trading.

As well as the school there is also your reseller who will help you in any way they can plus there are the Gunbot support telegram channels. Here people can find all the details they need to answer any questions.

Gunbot also comes with a full and comprehensive Wiki. Answers to most of your questions will be in here and you are encouraged to check here first. If you can’t find the answer ask on the appropriate Telegram group and you will normally have an answer in minutes! Check out the Wiki here .

Your main line of support during the initial phase of getting set up and trading is your Reseller. However the Gunbot school is also a great resource as it is based around providing the key knowledge to getting someone started and where and how they can find information going forward. The school is backed up with a support ticketing system that uses experts from all over the world so it doesn’t really matter what time zone you are in.

The Gunbot Telegram channels (you will receive invites to these as part of the school process) are the main source of information and updates moving forward. The announcement channel provides advice around new releases and the enhancements and fixes in that release. You can then chose to update or not.

The Gunbot wiki is also a massive resource that covers every single part of the bots configuration and operation.

Yes in a word. The links on the buy page all link back to the OTC (Over The Counter) sales server. This ensures that the price remains the same worldwide and is always advertised in BTC and USD.

If someone tries to sell you Gunbot and they are not on this list of resellers then it is a scam. Beware!

I wish! Gunbot One is designed to be a set and forget product. The other versions of Gunbot can be set and forget but it is a good thing to login to Gunbot once every one or two days to just check that all is well. Gunbot will sit there and do what it is told to do indefinitely however the market is not the same and has a mind of it’s own that is why a check is a good idea.

With a cloud hosted solution this check can be done from any internet connected device on the planet at anytime. If you are running Gunbot on a machine on your home network this will not be possible unless you implement some technical bypass on your home internet router which can have security implications to all devices on your home system. I can provide advice on this configuration as well if needed.

Gunbot works with over 100 crypto exchanges using a secure API connection. The choice of an exchange to use is a very personal thing but it is important to note that Gunbot has partnerships with some exchanges. This means there is 100% compatibility maintained with the various functions offered on an exchange.

Gunbot is capable of trading any coin or token that is offered on an exchange. With Gunbot licenses of Standard and above the number or coins you can trade on an exchange simultaneously is unlimited.

Exchanges with partnerships in place include and are not limited to:

Binance      MEXC     Gunthy     Kucoin     OKX

The full list can be found here 

If you need more information or have any questions please just drop me an email (link is at the bottom of the page in the social icons) or use the contact form on this site.

Remember it is important to us as well that you have all the right information before you purchase. No surprises is a great way to operate!


This is a really important question and one everyone should ask! Gunbot trades using funds available from your exchange account. It connects to this account using a secure connection that it puts in place, like when you connect to your internet banking. This means that Gunbot securely accesses only your account so you have complete control over all your funds in that account. You decide how much, and when so you control your own funds.

No one else has access to your exchange account or Gunbot this also applies for cloud hosted instances if you chose this solution. There are multiple safe guards put in place which are detailed in the cloud hosing services page on this site.

The bigger exchanges that have been around for sometime such as Binance and OKX have made significant investments in security and compliance. The amount these exchanges transact each day is an eye watering amount so they see it as critical that they maintain security and integrity at all levels. With crypto there are no guarantees however and you should never invest more than you can afford.

Several key points around Gunbot security are:
Gunbot connects to your exchange account using a secure channel via an API (bit like secure internet banking). This API has only permission to trade not withdraw so if someone did manage to compromise your Gunbot instance they can not withdraw your funds from your exchange account using the API.

Gunbot keeps your API encrypted while it is on your computer, this means if someone steals your computer or compromises your Gunbot instance the API is not available to them in an encrypted (useful) format.

Gunbots GUI that you use to control the instance is protected by your password and also Two Factor Authentication (2FA) so this means that even if someone managed to guess your password they could not access the machine without the code.

It is important to know that scam prevention is the top of mind with the Gunbot team. Never will any of the telegram admins DM you first or will anyone ever ask for money or payment for services. Once you have paid for your license there is nothing further to pay, ever! If someone asks for money if they help you or provide a service then they are a scammer and should be reported.

Down track if you buy an upgrade or an add on then this is done via a resellers website that uses approved OTC links.

If someone offers you an upgrade or add on in a telegram channel then it will be a scammer. If in doubt ask as nobody wants to see another victim of scam.


Gunbot ONE is no longer available, for those people with a Gunbot ONE license there is an upgrade path available for you.

However as you purchased a lifetime license with Gunbot ONE it will still be supported moving forward.

The main difference between Standard, Pro and Ultimate is the number of Exchange or API slots the license has.  A single API slot like the Standard version gives you the ability to trade against one exchange with unlimited number or pairs and unlimited trades.

By upgrading to the Pro license you get the same functionality but with three Exchanges or API slots. This means you can trade the same pair combinations in multiple places simultaneously which many larger traders see huge benefits in doing.

The ultimate license gives you the benefit of five exchanges simultaneously.

With Pro and Ultimate you also get the Back testing and Trading view add ins as well. The exact combinations can be found on the products page of this site but this gives traders the ability to back test a strategy over a previous time frame to obtain an indication on how the strategy would have performed.

Full details are on the products page.

An exchange or API slot gives Gunbot the ability to talk to a particular exchange in complete isolation.
Using the example of a Pro License which has 3 API slots then you could if you wished set your Gunbot up to trade like this:

slot 1: Binace Spot
slot 2: Binance Futures
slot 3: OKX

Note that spot and futures are treated as different exchanges in all cases.
You could not use this combination however as the exchanges need to be different!

slot 1: Binance Spot (my account)
slot 2: Binance Spot (the girl friends account)
slot 3: Binance Spot (Uncle Fred’s account)

Gunbot will happily trade both spot and margin/futures. To trade futures you need to purchase more Gunthy tokens to unlock your license but the Gunthy tokens remain yours so if you change your mind down track you can cash out the Gunthy tokens if you so desire.

With spot markets you buy a coin at the spot price and sell it at the same. With futures you buy only a contract which can be leveraged for bigger gains or not so you don’t actually own a coin just a contract.

With bigger gains you get bigger risk so it is really important that you read up and understand the risks prior to futures trading.
There is a good summary of the differences on the Binance site that may be worth reading if you are considering this.

To upgrade your license at anytime is very simple. Go to  a resellers site (I suggest this one) and make your upgrade purchase. You will receive an email with instructions to unlock the upgrade. Very simple and fast.