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” Guides and How to’s “

How to get your wallet balance.
This guide shows you how to calculate your exchange wallet balance at any time. This method is very accurate and can be used at any time. Works with all strategies.

How to reset the 90 day API restriction in Binance.
Those people that are not using a static IP addresses for their API will need to complete this process once every 90 days. This process will restart the 90 day timer and prevent Binance looking out the API and rendering it useless.

How to setup API restrictions on your Binance API.
This guide shows you how to set API IP address restrictions on your Binance API. This adds a high level of security to your trading setup and needs to be done as part of your Gunbot setup.

How to add Gunthy tokens to your Trust Wallet so they are visible.
This guide shows you how to add the Gunthy Token settings to your Trust Wallet so that the quantity of the tokens you hold will be displayed.

How to install Trust Wallet on your mobile device.
Trust wallet is a good option for securing your crypto assets including your Gunthy tokens. This guide shows you how to install and secure the Trust Wallet application.

How to setup and use Binance Pay.
Binance pay is a fast and simple way of transfering funds between users of the Binance exchange. The transfer is near instant and has no fees at all attached to it. This is an ideal way of paying Gunbot hosting.

Setup a Telegram Bot to monitor and alert you to trades.
This guide shows you how to setup a Telegram Bot that works in conjunction with your Gunbot to alert you when a buy or a sell trade is placed. This is a great way to keep an eye on things and confirm your bot is trading as you would expect.

Gunbot hosting services explained.
This details the services and costs for your hosting services with Gunbot NZ Ltd.